How Industrial Development in Kerala is turning Eco-Friendly

Yes, it’s GO GREEN! The bill-board across the lot showed a product ad, but what captured ones attention was the word “Eco-Friendly Product” which it distinctly boasted in gigantic letters. You might be thinking of all the times you have seen the exact words, expect in different places. So, what exactly can be classified as being Eco-friendly?


The What?

To be precise, it literally means, earth-friendly or not harmful to the environment. It specifically refers to practices or products that can help conserve resources, reduce pollution, increase the sustainability and in general, have a green thumb.


Mr. E P Jayarajan, Minister for Industries, Commerce & Sports, for the newly elected government in Kerala has very recently assured to adhere to the LDF manifesto and foster industrial development in Kerala in an eco-friendly manner.

Industrial initiatives in kerala eco-friendly


The Why?

The past few decades has seen the diminutive state of Kerala, transformed from an agro-driven economy to one driven by services. With the highest number of State owned enterprises including electronics, electrical, chemical, engineering, public utility services, pharmaceutical and social welfare, it is all set to leap towards eco-friendly industries. Tourism, health care, agro, fisheries and IT  being the key industries in the state, eco-friendly developments can spur up a positive industrial climate along with roping in more investors, primarily, Non Resident Indians. The bottom line being increased cash flow, productive working strategy, happy employees and an even more happier earth.


Now the question surfacing would be how!



The How?

The overriding concerns in any industry would be the processing of it’s waste, reduction of the pollution factor and methods of harnessing the power needed.  A few of the most effective green practices for an eco-friendly industry would be:


  • Green power – renewable sources of energy:

Harnessing power from the locally available, naturally occurring forms of energy is the next big thing. The prominent option in this sector, as far as Kerala is concerned would be “Solar energy”.  IT, tourism and health care industries being energy intensive, puts them in an increased vulnerability to increasing power costs and the need for more power production.  While the intense summer heat beats down on us, why not let it beat up a few of our machines. As they say, nobody taxes the sun yet!


  • Adopt energy efficient methods:

The immediate need would be a consumption review. The most energy consuming tasks, processes or products could be superseded with less power consuming alternatives.


  • The 3 Rs:

It’s really not rocket science – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Waste, although with different constitutional factors, is one thing common to all industries alike. IT industry faces a huge crisis when it comes to e-waste management. Health care creates huge amount of waste as well. The common solution would be an effective industrial partnership for waste management and in-process recycling. Use it up, wear it out, make it do and do without!


  • Cut back on the pollution:

The major set back on the tourism industry today, is the massive amount of pollution, that all the fine veneer of the nature has been put to ruins in the state. Pollution from vehicles, other luxury transportation means, enormous refuse scraps and unendurable noise, pose a threat to the ecological balance. Treatment plant refuse in water bodies, a prime reason of water pollution is a source of much concern.  The best method is to staunch the waste at it’s source thus eliminating the need to deal with it. Let’s be part of the solution and not the pollution!


  • Make the “GREEN” commitment:

Planting an extra tree, constructing a building while making sure not to destroy the ecological balance, making habitats that are ecologically stable and keeping things the nature’s way is the one big step to turning the industries in Kerala into a eco hub.


To put it in a nutshell, industrial development in Kerala can be made eco-friendly, by making use of ecologically stable technology as well as processes in the industry for a better tomorrow.