How Kerala Is Set To Support The Make In India Campaign Strongly

In September 2014, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Sh.Narendra Modi launched the Make in India campaign. By September 2015, Kerala had aligned itself to be a formidable support for the Make In India campaign by working through the State specific issues and emerge as the forerunner in more ways than one.


Kerala: Attractive to the Make in India campaign


Kerala’s high Human Development Index indicates the presence of a strong intellectual capital. With Keralites having travelled early for work across the Globe, networking thrives as well. The Public-Private partnerships in the State have boosted the start-up culture with entrepreneurship opportunities and successes. Markets in Kerala do well as there is a strong consumption base and new policies support young businesses.


The growth of Kerala’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector is highest in the country. By end November, 2015, Kerala had recorded consistent growth in the MSME sector with a 15 per cent increase of 13,043 units in 2012-13 to 14,997 units in 2013-14. In 2014-2015, this showed a further 3 per cent upward trend coming to a total of 15,455 units.


Besides the above, the State has put in place some key steps in order to  ensure that the Make in India campaign finds solid on ground implementation.

Chief Secretary, Sh. Jiji Thomson chairs the bureaucratic committee and Planning Board Vice Chairman K.M. Chandrasekhar is the convener leading the efforts for “Make in Kerala”.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister, Sh. Oommen Chandy is the chairman of a ministerial panel that takes panel decisions on the matter.


Kerala had been ranked at No.18 in terms of being an investment destination in India by a World Bank survey in September, 2015. By the steam gathered by the efforts made by the State, it is sure to rank higher soon. In discussion with the central government, the State is focussing on a time period of 6 months to create an investor-friendly atmosphere, relaxing rules and ushering in related reforms in order to create an investor-friendly environment.


Several laws are being amended with both the bureaucratic and ministerial panels working towards ways to reduce red tape and put in place an effective and efficient single-window clearance system for businesses.


For instance, the construction sector showed the least progress in 2015. Identifying the reason for such back log as the standstill in the supply from granite quarries, the panels are pushing for an amendment of the law in order to avoid delay in land registration.


Some key steps taken in this direction already include smoothening of registration and building rules as well as probing into other aspects such as the Fire Force directive and its effect on slowdown. This reflects an active attitude on the part of the panels in making Kerala an importance space for businesses. And it is not limited to only one sector. Overall, the cabinet has been working actively on ways to resolve impediments to  investments and industry growth. There is also a strong focus on Central government projects which are lagging behind.


The buzz of active interest and political will in Kerala is a sign of good things to come all of 2016 in terms of the Make in India campaign finding an active support in the State of Kerala.


 Sectors benefitting are Infrastructure, Agriculture and Food Processing, MSME, IT and Electronics, Clusters, Health Care, Human Resources, Tourism and Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, Environment and Logistics.


The development is spread across the State of Kerala and is sure to reap great  holistic benefits for its people and quickly make Kerala a highly prized destination for Make in India and related investment.