ICT Gains Popularity Among The Industries in Kerala

Information and Communication Technology(ICT) is one sector that is catching up fast in Kerala today. With the big ships like Oracle taking up lack of ICT skills as a serious issue, it can be well understood what the industries of the state are leaning towards. With India ranking 131 on a global ICT development index, the country is taking every step to further its developmental status.


Government, medical services and education are amongst the few that are demanding for personnel skilled in ICT to work on professional platforms. The private sector is noticeably making a sincere effort to bring in more skilled ICT professionals. Starting from its collaborations with government facilities like ICT Academy, which aims at providing industry relevant skills to people in order to make them employable, the private sector companies are making sure that they have their teams stacked with graduates decked with ICT skills.


In the decade that passed, the state had seen a large number of Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) that cater to larger industries, sprout out. Now that these SMEs are growing at a faster pace, with the scalability of their products or services and the competition in the area posing a threat to their existence, the industries seems to shift into adopting information and communication technology to scale up their business.  Other parts of the country also seems to be catching up fast, just like the other day in Vadodara where the Tata Teleservices(TTSL) announced its decision to provide customized ICT solutions to other sectors.


Industries are increasingly opting for ICT solutions seeing a prospect for unleashing the  power of collaboration. And in a state like Kerala, where industrial development is growing by the minute, it’s just a question of whether you want to make the smart choice or the lousy choice. Industries with cloud/web developers, embedded systems (iOT) managers, UX designers, application developers, information security analysts, engineers and  mobile development specialists are in for a vertical elevation of business with the intake of ICT into their business plans.


The very need for such skills in the industrial arena, leads to augmented possibilities for the like of ICT Academy where people are bound to flock by the thousands. The possibility of a business boom with the market turning towards more such fields and that too in a productive state like Kerala is predictably huge.