Kerala GAIL Gas Ltd – A blessing for Gods Own Country


 Kerala GAIL Gas


Cheap, Clean and Convenient Energy

God’s own country has hit upon this 3C mantra to resolve its malevolent energy crisis. Kerala’s picture postcard beauty symbolized by its golden beaches fringed with luscious greenery and teeming tourists has had a dark side to it. The complete dependence on hydro-electricity has made it a power deficit state; always looking up at the mercy of rain gods, be it electricity for industrial purposes or for meeting the increasing domestic demands. But this gloomy scenario is now set to change, thanks to the lead taken by Kerala Gail Gas Limited in providing environment friendly and economical energy to both industrial and domestic users.
The objective of this joint venture between the Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) and Gail Gas is to provide a supplementary gas infrastructure for the gas pipeline project being implemented by the latter.


Powering Kerala

The agreement between KSIDC and Gail Gas was signed on November 2011 and the Rs 2000 crores project will promote city gas distribution activities in Kerala. The company will provide Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to vehicles by setting up CNG stations across the state and at KSRTC bus depots. Kerala Gail Gas Limited will also supply Piped Natural Gas (PNG) to households, industries and commercial establishments.

The setting up of the Gas Training Institute at Angamaly, near Kochi – yet another objective of this joint venture – will enhance the quality of human resources in the state. Billed as a skill development centre for technicians and others involved in the natural gas business, the institute will offer several short term courses. The steel cluster at Palakkad will also get a new lease of life with the setting up of a new gas based power plant by the Kerala Gail Gas Limited in association with the Steel Manufacturer’s Association.

Kerala Gail Gas Limited: The Advantages to Kerala


Clean & Green Kerala: The promotion of CNG and PNG by Kerala Gail Gas Limited ensures that people and industries now have a clean and green alternative. Natural gas is mainly methane. As a result, it burns almost completely making it one of the cleanest fuels.
With rapid urbanisation there has been an increase in vehicular traffic in Kerala. The impact of the resulting pollution on the state’s pristine beauty as well as the health of its people is being greatly recognized now. CNG has no impurities like sulphur or lead, and helps to protect the earth’s ozone layer. The low levels of polluting emissions, dust and smell ensures a cleaner environment and healthier people.


Safe Kerala

Both PNG and CNG are extremely safe. PNG has a very narrow inflammability range. Being lighter than air, it quickly disperses reducing the dangers normally associated with the leakage of cooking gas. CNG has similar properties. It is lighter than gas and has an extremely high ignition temperature. As a result, CNG run vehicles have the lowest injury and accident rate per vehicle mile. The promotion of PNG and CNG by Kerala Gail Gas Limited can thus help build a safer Kerala.


Economical Kerala

Soaring gas and energy prices have often resulted in budgetsgoing haywire – be it household, company or government. But natural gas provides a very economical alternative. In fact, PNG can provide relief to household budgets groaning under the strain of ever increasing fuel prices. With 15.5 units of PNG being equivalent to a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder, a household can save 7-10 per cent on cooking fuel. Similarly, CNG is almost 50 per cent cheaper than conventional fuels used in vehicles. The initial installation cost can be recovered within a year in view of the savings in the running cost. The use of CNG also lowers maintenance costs.

Given the advantages that it brings to the table, the Kerala Gail Gas Limited is poised to set the state on a development path that balances the needs of the people with that of the environment. Its network of natural gas pipelines provides a lifeline to households, industries and services in a state that has for long grappled to find a viable, economical and cleaner energy alternative.

  • Viswanath

    Great News. Its better late than never. We hope it will materialise soon, and soon we can see gas stations like the petrol pumps.