KSIDC Plans to Boost Up Ayurveda Sector Further

With initiatives like God’s Own Medicine – Ayurveda, KSIDC has always enjoyed upliftment of the Ayurveda Sector in the state. Especially since it holds its roots to the core of Kerala’s culture and tradition. And now to bring in substantial changes to foster ayurveda into a complementary and alternative system of medicine, we have chalked out a proposal to bring in an Ayurveda Mart Society shortly.

As per the present plan, the investment for the Society could be finalized depending on the master plan, which would be prepared in a year. Experts from the relevant sectors would be pooled in to come up with a comprehensive plan that stands true to the tests of time and is result driven.

The investment will depend on the kind of activities the society would undertake. This will be finalised only after preparation of the Master Plan. The funds would be mobilised through non-governmental organisations, with assistance from the World Health Organisation or as budgetary allocation.

KSIDC, for the past one-and-half-years, has been striving to promote Ayurveda. There are certain factors that limit the use of Ayurveda across the globe. These factors have to be sorted out in due course and the said intiative is one of the first steps. What we eventually plan is a total rejuvenation of Ayurveda, not just in the State but across the Globe.


“Initially, an event will be organised, which would be attended by people from within and outside the country. The Society would function as a regulatory forum as well as a facilitating agency for conducting clinical trials” – Dr M Beena, MD, KSIDC.

The idea is to identify the new breed of diseases linked to lifestyle, thyroid, organs and bone-related ailments for which Ayurveda provides better remedy than crowd-based treatment system, and to develop a protocol for the same.

“The efficacy of the traditional medicine system has to be proved. When it is said that certain medicines have lead content in them, the Society should be able to convince that it is used as nanoparticles. It should also debunk the false propaganda against the traditional system of medicine,” the MD, Dr M Beena adds.

The Society would function with government support, in lines of bodies like Kerala Spices Board, with reputed ayurvedic companies as its members. Eminent people like cardiac surgeon Dr M S Valiathan will be the mentors of the Society.