Lights, Camera…and let the Action Begin!

Let the credits roll! With the applause for its innovative ad on Kerala’s first Entrepreneurship Day still echoing loud and clear in cyber space, it’s time for the talent behind Cat Entertainments to take a bow. A year back Amarnath Sankar, Chachu Jacob, Arun Nair and Ebin Ephrem were engineering students with a passion for movies. Today they run Cat Entertainments at Kochi’s Startup Village with an estimated turnover of one million in the first quarter of the current financial year. When asked about the secret behind their success, CEO Amarnath Sankar says,” We love cinema and we love doing business.” The coming together of these two passions has catapulted their company into one of the most-watched media houses in Kerala.
So what exactly does CAT Entertainments do? According to Chachu Jacob, the Creative Head,” Our desire is to take entertainment beyond the realm of imagination. We aim to create something different each time we sit down at the drawing board with a new product or client.” With formidable in-house talent and a stated policy of creating something refreshingly different, this media production unit has succeeded in building up a portfolio of diverse products and clients in a short time pan. A year ago, the team was being congratulated for being the first media production unit to be incubated in the Startup Village. Today, the company has clients like Blackberry and the Kerala government. “We are also the official media partners for Startup Village, MobMe Wireless, Life Style magazine, US-based music start-up Exit77Music. Other clients include EasySoft Technologies and De Cocoon Media” says Arun Nair, Business Head of the organization.
CAT Entertainments Team
The accolades started pouring in when their 57-second ad film for the Kerala government’s Entrepreneurship Day hit You Tube. Titled ‘We Believe in Building a New Dream for a Great Future’ , the ad became an internet sensation after it got four-lakh hits within one week. According to Ebin Ephrem, Technical Officer, “The ad evoked a tremendous response mainly because it spoke straight from the heart to NextGen. It also shows that there is a yearning among the young to become technology entrepreneurs. There is a wave of entrepreneurship in the state and the young are celebrating it.”
All the four founders agree that Cat Entertainments would have remained just a dream but for the initiative of the Kerala government in setting up Startup Village. The team admits frankly that neither their close relatives nor their friends expected them to succeed. “It was the support and infrastructure provided by Startup Village that helped us to not just survive but actually succeed in a short span of time. Startup Village is a trendsetter and its contribution in molding entrepreneurial talent will be acknowledged by history,” says Amarnath Sankar.
The team has a well scripted plan for the future. Right now, services offered by Cat Entertainments include ad films, corporate films and TV shows. The ultimate aim is to create a one-stop shop for film-making where potential clients walk in with an idea and walk out with a beautifully executed film. As the team begins to work towards achieving this, all we can say is let the action begin!

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