Profoundis: Cracking New Codes in Startup Entrepreneurship


Every great dream begins with a dreamer. But for dreams to get real, dreamers have to become doers. The team behind Profoundis, an exciting little start-up that’s stirring up some passionate talk in the analytics market, know this too well. Arjun R Pillai, Jofin Joseph, Anoop Thomas and Nitin Sam are the brains and the bodies behind Profoundis. They had a dream when they were young, carefree engineering students at the College of Engineering, Chengannur. Today these dreamer/doers head a ideas-oriented technology firm that provides analytical solutions coupled with Enterprise Resource Planning to SMEs. On their way to success, they have grabbed both awards and headlines. And yes, they are still young and carefree.


The Big Dream: Arjun Pillai, co-founder and CEO of the firm, attributes the birth and growth of Profoundis to the entrepreneurial spirit that has been infusing the Kerala air in the recent past. Their dream to set up their own venture took root in the fertile, activity-driven environment provided by their college. Their professors encouraged free thinking and soon the four of them were involved in college activities ranging from arts, sports and organising international conferences.


Team Profoundis


They, along with other friends, even launched their own  start up during the third year of their engineering course. Openode Labs, an internet services start up, was successful enough to make its founders financially independent. As their college days came to an end, the group decided to venture out into the corporate world. But they also made a commitment that once they had learnt the ropes, they would be back in a bigger, better way. “At a corporate, what you get is the security and pleasure of sailing through a calm ocean while we were not made for that. We were surfers who love large waves and enjoyed riding on them. The passion to do something big brought us back.” says Jofin Joseph, co-founder and COO.


The fact that things were fast changing in Kerala helped them make up their mind. The government was keen on encouraging and harnessing young talent. The launch of Startup Village was just one step in this direction. According to Nitin Sam, co-founder and CIO the four of them were determined to be a part of the changing entrepreneurship eco system in Kerala. They launched Profoundis as the third incubated company at Startup Village.


The Big Achievements: Analytics is a relatively new field in the country, but growth estimates are pegged at 15 percent. Profoundis, with its range of projects, is well poised to tap this growing market. Anoop Thomas Mathew, co-founder and CTO, points out that the analysis of the massive amount of data spewed out by companies – and the world – can be used to develop policy and decision making models. He says, “We want to build a range of visionary technology products and services. The focus initially is on retail and financial analytics.”


Profoundis’ innovative products include ‘Sense’ and ‘Emotion’. Sense is a free reader interaction tool for websites that analyses reader sentiments in a blog or website and provides intelligent suggestions. ‘Emotion’, is an inbound marketing tool for companies. It analyses brand sentiments from comments made across the internet. The data analysis enables companies to act on it to enhance their sales and reduce their churn. The company has already acquired customers in business analytics, social media listening and external agencies across multiple states in India.


Profoundis was inducted to the prestigious Microsoft accelerator programme within six months of its inception. This is one of the forerunning business accelerators in India, set up by Microsoft to cater and accelerate high potential technology start-ups. The company was among the 13 startups shortlisted from over 350 applicants across the globe and is the first from Kerala to ever enter the MS accelerator.
The accolades may be pouring in. But being rarely satisfied with their work, Team Profoundis is geared to develop more innovative technology that will make the world a better place to live.

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