Startup Village Ranked Best Incubator in India

For a venture that started barely four years ago, the Startup Village is one that has been on a steady climb since its inception. The ultimate glory came in when it was named the best startup incubator in the country of the 100 best startup incubators in India, by the Indian Edition of the Entrepreneur Magazine, last Friday. The report assessed the incubators on several aspects including, the number of graduating startups under it, the funds that they managed to raise, funding-equity as well as the programme duration.


The public-private partnership business model that Startup Village follows is a first of its kind amongst incubators and has received much acclaim in the recent years. According to reports, it has been able to support around 790 virtual and physical incubatees in Cochin and Visakhapatnam together. The past week saw Startup Village launch into its second phase of operations, with the Chief Minister himself inaugurating the new online platform of the incubator, SV.CO. The SV.CO is a digital incubation framework that is all set to support around 5 million students from 3500 colleges from across the country.


With its aim to launch more than 1000 startups by the end of 10 years, it provides its incubatees and aspiring entrepreneurs with interesting programmes to widen their reach, improve their strategy and to experience world class startup culture first hand from the like of Silicon Valley. A few of these programmes are Developer 1000 – which aims to develop the professional app making skills in the aspiring entrepreneurs- and SVSquare –  where promising entrepreneurs from the country are send to the US on a one week all expense paid trip with the aim of introducing the Indian youth to the legendary startup environment in Silicon Valley.


With all its past successes behind it, the country’s best startup incubator is now gearing up for more challenges that it might face when it would walk its dream of supporting a billion dollar campus startup. The SV.CO saw many aspiring entrepreneurs embarking on their dream of a startup and pave the stepping stones to building up that dream. A few remarkable ones on the ramp are Arya of Walat and Sarah of SYM, two amazing women entrepreneurs, a proud reminder of the women in the arena. Now with the stage set for startups to sprout out and with every nook and corner of the campuses across the country buzzling with the startup fever, the country’s best Startup incubator is sure to rock the show.

Image Courtesy : IBN Live